Saturday, October 20, 2012

Wednesday Wormers 17/10/12

On Wednesday (17.10.12) the Wednesday Wormers went down to the garden.
Here are some photos of them watering the new seeds that they planted.


Mr.A went to the garden too; he was building the new eco hut with his little works.
The top is going to be for the pizza
oven and the bottom is for working in.

                      Some boys were moving mulch onto the path and raking it.

Miss Gant’s dog was there helping too.


  1. What were the Wednesday wormers planting?

  2. They look like they are working very hard, nice photos Josh - Mrs T

  3. Awesome work, Josh and everyone!

  4. Josh - Savannah keeps forgetting to go to the garden on Wednesdays - could you maybe pop into Room 13 at the start of lunchtime, and remind her and her friends? Thanks! :-D

  5. Great photos Josh - we love your blog :) - O'Connors