Saturday, November 3, 2012


Wednesday the 31 Oct some kids got together with some teachers, Enviro-school facilitators and some people from our community that have been involved with our school, to do the assessment to see if we had achieved our Silver Enviro School award.

At 10am we met in room 10 for a waiata from room 8, and introductions.  We looked at what was required to be an enviro school silver and looked at the plan for the day.


Then we broke into groups of 3 or 4 and did school tours, looking at different part of the school including the garden, displays in the hall and foyer, the trees planted with Forest and Bird and the Anzac garden.  Ben, Aden and I took Susan.


We were taking notes on paper leaves of things that met the principles of the enviro school silver award.  Back at the class we put the leaves on the tree prepared by Nicola.  We shared our findings and noted new ideas and next steps at the base of the tree.


We had lunch in the old eco hut in the garden, which included food from our garden.  Several of us got to try artichoke for the first time.

That day we even got a mulch delivered


In the afternoon we voted with our thumbs, up or sideways, whether what we had achieved met each of the principles.  If we were confident we put the principle in the confident kiti, or in the talk some more kiti if we weren’t sure.

At the end of the day we got SILVER!


  1. Fantastic reporting Josh, that is a lovely record of the day. Congratulations Mrs T

  2. Josh, this is a really great summary of the day - the photos show the process very well too. Excellent reporting! I will send you more photos soon. :-)

  3. Well done Josh a great record of the day.

    I have to do one too so will use your ideas

  4. good work I think we did very good josh with Susan -Aden