Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The garden brief

Below you will see an artist of what our garden design and the brief that has been submitted to the judges.  We are going to be marked against this brief.

Raumati South School on the Kapiti Coast presents
"Our Sustainable School Yard"
Designers Raumati South School pupils and staff   04 2994579 www.raumatisouth.school.nz

The garden brief

The garden has been designed to reflect the environmental projects we have undertaken at our primary school in the last 4 years. We have fruit and veg  gardening, rainwater harvesting and over 4500 native trees planted in the school grounds.

Our exhibition garden plants have mainly been grown by our students and their families from either seeds, cuttings, propagating by division or punnets of seedlings from garden centres, just as they would normally be produced for our school gardens. The natives have come from Kapiti Natives a nursery owned by the Brocklebank family from our school.

We operate an organic based no spray system at school to allow for the fact that there is little chance of having a withholding of harvesting period after spraying. The plants for this garden have also been grown without sprays.
The students have to squash bugs digitally so we plant companion and catch crops to help reduce the damage.

If you see a bug please feel free to help us out!

This garden  contains a raised  fruit bed, edible flower bed, pizza oven and herb area, a South African Keyhole garden with its own compost system, a butterfly garden area with a green roof above it, a bed of native planting for lizards and weta and a rain water harvesting  system using an old dairy pump driven by a bicycle ridden by our students. One wall is made of recycled pallets and the deck is made from old wooden Toyota car part packing cases.

To see the pump working as it will be during the show, one of you will need to ride the bike!

Colour plays a big part in our students lives and this garden embraces that love. The large driftwood art piece of Kapiti Island was created by the students. The pumice in the heart was collected from our beach  and each individual heart has  a student's initials on from our school as we could not bring them all with us. The butterfly art work has been made from recycled plastic as has the water wheel. The driftwood in the small fence was also collected from our beach and the bamboo has been donated from local gardens. The flax ties have come from our school flax. We use mulches to suppress weeds and retain moisture in the soil at school and have done the same in this garden.

We hope that by recreating some of the projects  that our students have undertaken and rebuilding them at Ellerslie our students can talk to some of the expected 60,000 visitors and not only encourage them to grow edible produce at home and provide habitats for wildlife in their own garden but perhaps go out and support gardens in schools and pre-schools  in their own community when they get home.

Once the show has finished this garden is being gifted to Wharenui School in Riccarton Christchurch to help their pupils to grow their own fruit and veggies and enjoy the world of gardening.

We are proud to have been involved in the Enviroschools program and to have worked with kapiti -Mana Forest and Bird and the Kapiti Coast District Council Green Team. Our students have also had the opportunity to create gardens at the Kapiti Council Sustainable Home and Garden Show in 2011 and 2012 with another garden due at the end of  this month.

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